How to Pick the Right Pair

Buying jeans can be a frustrating experience for a lot of men.

What Are You Looking For

Like most things in life, how you look and your entire fashion and style is based around knowing what you’re looking to achieve. As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going then you’re never going to get there. If you hit the stores unaware of the sort of jeans you’re after, this is a breeding ground for indecision and is likely to lead to the purchase of something maybe not too far short of disastrous. This can also go in the other direction, where you have simply no idea of which jeans you want so you buy a lot of them, and keep them, despite some looking great and others looking awful.

Having pre-determined in your mind what you’re trying to achieve will ensure you only buy the jeans that you’re looking for.

Know Who You Are

Knowing which jeans are going to be best for you is one of the most vital aspects of the whole process. If you’re six and a half feet tall and extremely self-conscious about your height then it may be advisable to avoid the super skinny jeans. Thankfully these aren’t decisions you need to take all by yourself, as there is a wide range of resource and knowledge at your disposal and fingertips in order to help you avoid denim disasters.

Have a look online for personalised style advice based on your build. There are numerous platforms which will tell you the type of jeans you should be wearing based on your height, build and appearance. The best ones will even pick out some specific jeans for you and direct you to the online store to get them.

Consider The Whole Picture

It’s easy when shopping to forget to consider the bigger picture. You really like that t-shirt, so you buy it. That jacket is even better, you’ll have that too. And what about the shoes? It’d be criminal of me not to buy those at that price!

Sound familiar? That’s all well and good however what it doesn’t do is guarantee they will all go together. Picking the right pair of jeans to make you look great and feel confident at all times is a great starting point. Ensure that you don’t lose it by pairing it up with t-shirts and shoes which do them no favours whatsoever. Be honest enough to look at what needs to change, do you simply need some new denim or do you in fact need a whole new wardrobe and a whole new look?