6 Famous Scarf Wearers

The humble scarf is an accessory that we take for granted sometimes. It sits on our coat racks and hatstands, waiting to be worn should there be a cold snap. For some, however, the scarf is an integral part of an overall look. Take a look at these six famous scarf wearers and it’s hard not to associate them with their choice of scarf.

The Queen – The Queen’s love for the headscarf is well documented and frequently photographed. On some of her majesty’s chillier state visits, she can often be seen donning her famous headscarves, often made of brightly patterned silk. Queen Elizabeth I

I does seem to enjoy wearing vintage headscarves, and has been seen wearing original designes by French fashion house, Hermes.

The Shadow – “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows…” So went the introduction to this mysterious crimefighter’s radio adventures in the 1930′s. Clad in a dark suit, full length black cape and wide brimmed hat, the identity of Kent Allard was kept hidden thanks to the wide, red scarf that covered his mouth. The Shadow’s adventures carried on past the radio shows and pulp magazine’s of the 30′s, becoming a comic book character in his own right up to the 1980′s. A film was made during the 1990′s too, starring Alec Baldwin.

Biggles – Boy’s own adventurer James ‘Biggles’ Bigglesworth was a flying ace created by W.E.Johns. Biggles is in many ways the archetypal British hero; gentlemanly and composed, taking on secret missions with a stiff upper lip. His daredevil pilot look is topped off with the white scarf common among pilots of the Royal Flying Corp in the early 20th century. This famous scarf is often seen flapping around his neck on the book covers of his adventures and many parodies, too.

Harry Potter – The houses of Hogwarts School of Wizardry each have their own defining colours: Slytherin’s colours are green and silver, Ravenclaw is blue and bronze, Hufflepuff, yellow and black and the house of Gryffindor – Harry Potter’s own house – has the house colours of scarlet and gold. In his earlier adventures, Harry was often sporting his school scarf, which proudly bore the colours of Gryffindor.

Steven Tyler – The effervescent front man of American rock band Aerosmith is known for his collection of scarves, which he often wears on stage. In fact, he’s such a fan of scarves, they adorn his microphone stand! Steven Tyler is someone who enjoys being able to wear a lot of outrageous outfits, but scarves are a regular part of his wardrobe. The singer has been quoted as saying that he still wears scarves from the1970s to this day. Like the band’s music, what comes around goes around, and you’ll find it’s back in vogue again.

Doctor Who – Perhaps the most famous scarf wearer is TV’s Doctor Who. Specifically the fourth incarnation of the Time Lord, played by Tom Baker. The impossibly long, multicoloured scarf could often be seen tripping up foes through time and space, but where did this extraordinary scarf come from? Having decided on a woollen scarf as part of the new Doctor’s look in 1973, James Acheson – the series’ costume designer – bought huge amounts of wool to give to knitter Begonia Pope. Unfortunately she misunderstood the brief, and used all the wool she was given. This serendipitous move gave television one of it’s most enduring looks for any on-screen character.