9 Foods to Detoxify Us Naturally

Every day, our body will detoxify naturally through colon, kidney, liver, lymph, lungs and skin to maintain the Health and Fitness. Due to over pollution and over exposure to toxins from processed foods, animal products, etc. those organs get over worked.

But don’t worry about that, our mother nature has some perfect antidote for this. Below, I have listed some potential detoxing food that will support your body’s detoxifying system and in your health and fitness. You need not to juice them to get the benefits. You will get all the benefits just by incorporating them in your food.

1)      Cauliflower

This natural detoxing food is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in natural detoxification system. This also reduces inflammation.

2)      Broccoli:

This detoxing food neutralizes and eliminates toxic substances and also supplies healthy dose of vitamins to your body.

3)      Turnip Greens:

This is a potential detoxifier and also helps in prevention of many types of cancer. Like cauliflower, this detoxing vegetable helps in reducing inflammation.

4)      Grapefruit:

This detoxing food is rich in fiber and helps in reducing cholesterol, prevents stone formation in kidney, and helps the digestive system.

5)      Cucumber:

This detoxing food is rich in nutrients and contains 95% of water which helps to flush out all toxic substances found in our body.

6)      Steel Cut Oats: This detoxing food is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. http://www.sportzfuel.com/ will keep you satiated and helps the digestive system.

7)      Sunflower seeds:

These are rich in selenium and Vitamin E. They aid liver in removing toxic substances and different range of potentially harmful molecules. They also help in the prevention of cholesterol build up in blood and arteries.

8)      Lentils:

This legume is rich in fiber. This helps in elimination of toxic substances and also helps in lowering cholesterol, balances blood sugar, and giver more energy.

9)      Hemp seeds:

This is tiny little power house rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. They remove toxic substances and also in easy digestion of plant protein and have solid anti-inflammatory effects.