The Best Places to Visit in India

India is a huge, spiritual and very popular travel destination. Many adventurous holiday makers flock here to discover the sometimes mysterious place for themselves. As India is such a huge country you will need to plan before you go. Here are some places to visit in India. Some are obvious others not so. It’s not quite a top 10 places India but it will give you some idea of where to go:

The Taj Mahal – No trip to India would be complete without visiting one of the world’s most famous buildings. The Taj Mahal is an international symbol of love the temple and related buildings and gardens are so large you will need a few days to explore. The best way is to book accommodation nearby.

The Golden Triangle – This is the name that is sometimes given to the three most popular cities in India to visit (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). Agra is the sight of the Taj Mahal and the other two cities are worth visiting for their ancient history, architecture and vibrant cultural scene. ‘Golden Triangle’ tours are offered and are a great way to see the highlights of the cities in a short time period.

The Himalayas – The Himalayas are the mountain range which borders India, Pakistan and Burma. They are the highest mountain range in the world and contain mount Everest the highest and most famous mountain in the world. The area is very diverse from tropical jungle to snowy peaks and make a once-in-a-lifetime visitor attraction.

Goa – The state of Goa boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world hence it’s popularity. Because of it’s party reputation (very long beach parties are held on a regular basis here) the places attracts many backpackers, young travelers and hard core party goers.